Granny's Granny

My Mom is a grandma in every sense of the word. You walk into her home and you just have this warm, happy, comfortable feeling like when you walk into your grandmother's house. I don't know if its something that happens naturally to women as they age, or if its a state of mind that only some women come to possess, but she has it, and she has it bad. It's really comforting on so many levels, now that my own grandmother has passed away.

Anyhow, for Christmas I'm making her and my father a throw blanket for their couch. They never use afghans or blankets other than their bedspread on their bed, but they do have them throughout the house as decorations and for guests (i.e. me or the grandkids) to use for those times when we're chilly. Over the years her home has become so pink and green. I don't know how it happened, but everything turns pinker and greener as time goes on. Her living room, kitchen and dining room are all decorated primarily in pink, with green and white accents. This blanket, literally, will seem like camoflauge in her home.

I started off making a basic granny and then kept on going. I'm using a K hook. I like how it's coming out. The plan is to do 7 rounds of the dark pin, 7 rounds of light pink, 1 round each of green and white, and then repeating the whole pattern. In this photo the green and white really pop out. In real life, the dark pink border around those colors really tone it down a ton. It looks better in person than it does here, but that's always the case with photos. I know they'll love it. I'm not sure how large I'm going to make it, probably 4 to 6 feet square. I think they will treasure it.
It's plain old Red Heart. Nice and washable.


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