It's About Fricken Time!

Aside from weaving in a few ends, I'm finally done with the blanket and it can get boxed and wrapped tonight. We leave Thursday morning around 8 am and if I never see this ghan again it will be too soon!

As much as I griped over and over and over again about this project, I have to say that the photo does not do it justice at all. I really disliked the idea of this yarn, but once it turned from skeins of fuzzy hell into this blanket, I really started to fall in love with it. I'm not sure I would ever make another afghan out of it given that it's hand wash and lay flat to dry (Woops, sorry Erik and Theresa), but it's luxurious to wrap yourself up in. I'm almost upset that I have to give this away.

We're off to Southwest Harbor, Maine. We're staying at the Seawall Motel in Acadia National Park, which is just an interesting little place. It's not much to look at in terms of lodging, it seems like your basic motel, but the area is certainly lovely. To wake up in the mornings with the possibility of seeing harbor seals and eagles? Or to fall asleep at night and possibly see Aurora Borealis? It will be pretty spectacular in terms of that stuff I think.

We'll be back Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have a million photos to bore you all with. Until then, have a great weekend!


Lisa said...
Wednesday, 03 October, 2007

Gorgeous afghan and kitty.

Andy's Crafts said...
Wednesday, 03 October, 2007

Have a good time, the afghan looks good and has the kitty seal of approval, what else can you ask for!

*Holly said...
Wednesday, 03 October, 2007

OMG ~ it's gorgeous! It'll probably be one of the most thoughtful gifts they'll receive and certainly one they'll cherish. VERY cool!

Deneen said...
Wednesday, 03 October, 2007

Pretty-but I hate working with the Divine too!

deborah said...
Sunday, 07 October, 2007

I've been looking at your work - lovely!

Anonymous said...
Friday, 12 October, 2007

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