Scarves. Scarves. Scarves. Ad Nauseum. Merry Christmas.

Moda Dea Cache. Love scarves with this yarn.

Scarf from last week but with fringe added:

Halloween-inspired scarf. This one is for Mark for Christmas. He loves browns, oranges and blacks, preferably together. The color is actually a lovely brick red, but it looks crazy orange here. This is Lion Wool-Ease Chunky.

I have one more Moda Dea Cache scarf to make. I think that will wrap up my scarves made out of bulky weight yarn. Bah. Then we have all worsted weight yarns and H or I hooks, and one out of a sport weight and a G hook. I think super fast crochet projects are about to come to an end. It's at this point, when the progress slows, that I will begin to worry about not finishing in time.

Let's see.

For scarves I'm down to 1 Cache Scarf, 2 Red Sox scarves (probably wool blends of some sort), 1 green Lion Jiffy scarf and 1 Paton's Wool scarf.

For blankets I have 2 full blankets and 2 half blankets. (One of the blankets not yet started is actually the 5 1/2 hour throw on Lion's website, but using RH Soft and a slightly smaller hook and probably hdc instead of sc (so I guess it's not really the same blanket at all now is it??)--but that will be maybe a 10 hour max project I'd say). The other not yet started blanket is for me and Mark and that will be last and if it's not done that won't be too bad. One of the half blankets is the granny below, and the other one is Jacob's camo blanket, and he's only 7 so it can be a bit small.

For shawls I've got one half way done using baby yarn, and then the Half-Moon Shawl by Lion. The Half-Moon shawl will be super quick from what I hear.

For purses I have one to add a closure to and then felt. Super quick and easy.

For pot holders, I have one set of chicken pot holders and then 2 sets of wool (felted) pot holders.

For dishcloths, I've got 1 or 2 to finish.

I have 2 grocery bag dispensers to complete. These are maybe 3 hour projects.

And 1 pair of size 11 mens felted slippers.

And I think that's it. *sob* What is it now, 56 days?


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