Crochet Me

Holy crap. So it finally got here. Finally! I ordered this book back in June or July on Amazon and have waited and wiated while so many other bloggers have received their copies.

I haven't done anything except flip through it briefly, since I am at work. I can tell you that I saw 2 patterns I didn't really like. 2 out of the whole book. A handful I would never make but I like. And most of them I want, and I want them now.

Tons of sport weight and DK weight yarns. Crocheted sweaters that have drape?! Very nice.


Spoke with the doctor's office. The "Best GI" in Derry is booked solid for the next 5 weeks. They have deemed me a sort of emergency since I can't eat. I see them tomorrow at 2. I have never been to a GI before. This should be fun.


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