Keeping Busy

I have a handful of WIPS and FOs that I've been busy working on for the past week and a half or so. But before I get to those, here's my weasel. She's adorable. Everyone seems to love the Homespun bed I made for the cats.

On my 21st birthday my boyfriend at the time (otherwise referred to as "What was I thinking?") bought me a ferret. She was cute and teeny. I've had her now for 7 1/2 years. She is very, very far past her expiration date. She grew up with my 2 cats, and she thinks she is a cat. I had her litter box trained. She used to not stay in a cage. She never ate anything or did those horrible ferret things that they are known for. She just curls up with you and gives you kisses, and she romps with the cats. She even loves to get a bath. She's a good girl. But older than dirt. She's going blind and therefore is only out of her cage under strict supervision. But she's a cutie regardless. I'll never get another ferret again so long as I live, but for a pet that I didn't want in the first place she is definitely part of the family now and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Alright, onto the FOs: First up is the 5 1/2 hour Throw from the Lion Website. They have quite a few variations of this. I used the version that calls for a huge 19 mm hook and 3 strands of Jiffy held together. I did not use Jiffy. I substituted RH Soft. I have to say, I'm irritated with RH Soft. Is it just my store or is there never a good selection of colors? I couldn't find a nice blue or green to match Mark's parents living room, so I had to settle with a cream color. It's nice though. Took me 2 afternoons a week apart.

Here is another Moda Dea scarf. These work up so quickly and I really have a fondness for this yarn. This will be the last girl scarf I make. I have 2 more for Christmas to do: 1 Red Sox inspired scarf and one manly wool scarf.

Here's one of the Red Sox scarves. It's for Mark's grandfather. I'm going to crochet 2 teeny little red socks and sew them onto one of the blue corner edges. I may take the fringe off and use some blue. It doesn't look right with all red, but I was out of blue and hoped this would work. Not so much. I think I need one more skein. This is Vanna's choice for the blue and Wool-Ease for the red. I couldn't find any one single brand of yarn that had a good red and a good blue to use together so I just bought to worsted weights that looked good together.

And here's just a little shot of the progress on the Granny Ghan. I beleive when I last photographed it I was just starting the second section of dark pink. I haven't touched this really, I've been more trying to get the small stuff done. This will be the last thing I finish. And ultimately if I don't finish something, it should be this one that is still a WIP come Christmas. My parents of all people would understand unwrapping half of a blanket that I take home and finish. I hope I don't have to go that route though!

I spent Sunday night in the hospital. Stupid. They didn't do any tests except bloodwork and a urinalysis. As soon as I told them I was having the upper endoscopy and biopsy next week, they pretty much just gave me morphine (it may have been dilaudid, I'm not sure) to make me feel better, and then sent me home. Waste of 10 hours, I'll tell you that much. I wanted them to do an ultrasound or CT scan but nope. The reason I wanted those things is because in theory, if I do have a gall bladder issue, it's not gallstones, it's sludgy bile getting trapped in my gallbladder, and causing pain. When I am in pain, I would have sludge in there that was stuck, and they would be able to see it on the ultrasound or CT. When I'm not in pain, there's obviously no sludge and obviously they won't see anything. But they didn't seem to want to run tests, they just said to follow up with the GI. It was a bit disappointing. Anyhow, the GI put me on Bentyl which is helping me be able to eat rice and oatmeal without crying. She's also going to schedule a HIDA scan after the endoscopy. Unless it shows severe gastritis or ulcers, the HIDA scan will be the next step.


Lesalicious said...
Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Looks like you have yourself really busy with all your FO's Loving all your things best of luck with finishing everything:)

Deneen said...
Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Terrific FO's!

I had "sludge" -it didn't show with barium, but on the ultrasound. I wasn't in an attack (I didn't think anyway) and it showed. Had the HILA too-hopefully it'll show for ya.

The upper GI is easy, no prep and no problems, didn't find anything.

Just try, try to relax and get through the next week.

Nan said...
Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Well now, you have been busy! Love the cat/ferret bed, so inviting!

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