Pathology, etc.

Sunday night was another bad, bad night. Don't know what it is about Sundays that cause me so much pain. We ended up back in the ER. This time around they didn't wait around and ignore me like they did the first time. The nurse took one look at me, palpated my stomach while I cursed (it hurt like a bitch), and they took me right back into an exam room. The doctor has had her gallbladder out and she first thought it was my gallbladder. So she did an ultrasound. No stones. She doped me up and sent urgent faxes to my doctor's office to urge them to do a HIDA scan. She sent me home with some pain meds, and we were out of there by about midnight.

I went back to work Monday morning and worked a 10 hour day. Ugh. Pretty tired and out of it. Called the doctor at 9 and she got on the phone with me personally. Said she would call for the pathology results and would rush them for me, and would also call the Nuclear Medicine dept. of the hospital and get me in for the HIDA scan. She called back shortly thereafter and told me the results were normal. So I do have the redness--some gastritis--in my stomach. She doesn't think it's bad enough to be causing me this much grief. It's likely related to too much NSAIDs over the years (I've had 3 knee surgeries and take a lot of ibuprophen for swelling and pain). The HIDA scan will be Wednesday morning, so tomorrow.

I am not particularly religious, but please please pray that when they inject the CCK after the radioactive tracer that I have bad pain, and that my gallbladder ejection rate is very low. If that's the case, I'll be getting it taken out. I've been having a terrible time since Veteran's Day, and I'd really like this to be over and done with. If the gallbladder is fine, I'm going to scream. They've tested me for cancers, malabsorption diseases, H. Pylori infections. I don't have acid reflux. They're running out of ideas, and if they turn around and try to tell me I have IBS I will scream.

At first they thought ulcer or gastritis from the NSAIDs. They put me on a typical GERD and gastritis diet. It did not work. The only thing that works is a virtually fat free diet. I do notice that even on fat free foods, if I eat until I am full, I end up having pain. I don't have the stereotypical gallbladder upper right quadrant pain, but I have upper mid abdominal pain that gets to be very intense, and then it radiates outward so my whole abdomen is just terrible feeling. Applying pressure to my stomach produces pain only in the upper middle and upper right areas, though. So I'm hoping it's gallbladder. I just want an answer, and I want a solution. I've surpassed the 10 pound mark for weight loss. I'm so frustrated with not feeling well. I really hope it's my gallbladder.


Nan said...
Friday, 30 November, 2007

I'm sorry to find out you have been in so much pain, healing thoughts headed your way.

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