The doctor thinks this is all in my head...

I'm furious.

I went in today and despite the fact that his partner, who is now on maternity leave, believes my gallbladder is failing because I have fairly consistent gallbladder issues, the doctor told me:

"April, I think what you need are antidepressants."

Doesn't matter that the pain comes on after I eat fat and fat only. Doesn't matter that I can tolerate non-fatty foods pretty well. Doesn't matter that my life is going well and I have no anxiety or depression. He told me I need to "seriously evaluate my life, and surely you'll agree with me that the problem is mental."

His own associate told me last week that I would likely get a surgical referral today despite my HIDA results being borderline normal.

Instead, I was told it's in my head. I'm livid. So incredibly livid.

Yet, even though it's just in my head, he's going to do a CT scan this week and a colonoscopy on January 2nd. Sounds to me like a cover-your-ass tactic, given that this is, afterall, just in my head.

I don't even know what to say. It will take me probably 6 to 8 weeks to get a new GI appt. by the time I get the insurance referral and appointment set up. I'm going to go through with the 2 tests while starting the process of finding someone else. At the very least I'll have a complete medical work-up by the time I see a new doctor.

So, my PCP thought gallbladder and sent me to the GI. The GI I first saw (who is now on maternity leave) ordered the usual u/s, endoscopy, HIDA and bloodwork. Everything was normal, HIDA was borderline. She still believed gallbladder. The ER doctor who saw me, who also had her gallbladder removed, believed it was my gallbladder even though I don't have stones. She said it sounded just like what she had. Every person I know who has had gallbladder troubles tells me, " sounds like gallbladder to me."

Yet the jackhole GI who took over my case thinks I need to take an antidepressant.

I don't have any history of stomach issues and everyone, and I mean everyone, has said that I have no indication of IBS or any other lower abdominal issue. I have no symptoms of anything down there. Yet here we go with a colonoscopy, even though it's all in my head. I could scream right now. I am so, so angry.

I understand the CT scan, but the colonoscopy? I have pain in one spot. Right behind my lower right rib cage. Ain't gonna see that part of my abdomen during a colonoscopy.


Bron said...
Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

omigod. I'm so, incredibly, sorry. That is just appalling.

Andy's Crafts said...
Wednesday, 12 December, 2007

April, some Doctors are that Stupid, just because they have a Title does not mean they are intelligent. I fired one of my doctor's because evrything that I complained about was because I was depressed, I asked her if she had a Psychology License!!!, because I did not see that on her office. I got a new Doctor, and refused to see that one again.

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