HIDA Scan Results

Got the results back from the HIDA (gallbladder) scan. You're not going to believe this. The results are fricken normal.


So, the GI at least believes this is my gallbladder. I apparently have pretty classic gallbladder symptoms. Problem is, she said a surgeon likely wouldn't touch me with good test results. They're number oriented and if I pass the test they'll likely be dismissive of my case. How lovely.

Plan for now, continue with antispasmodics (I'm now trying Librax (Librex?) instead of Bentyl, though I think the Bentyl works better) to prevent digestive contractions and spams. I am supposed to take 2 pills 30 minutes prior to eating (3 x per day). If I take 2, I'm drooling. They knock me out, so I have to take 1, which the dr. does not like, she wants me on two. Sigh. Also, continue on 40 mg Protonix twice daily, even though I don't see why, it has made zero difference (same with Nexium). And most importantly, and I emphasize, eat no fat. Zero fat at all. I have another appointment on the 11th to see how things are going.

I'm able to tolerate maybe a gram of fat in a meal. Provided I take my antispasmodic first and give it adequate time to kick in. Otherwise, forget it. It hurts too much. I had a bite of Mark's quesadilla last night out of desperation. One bite, one tiny little bite, and it was very uncomfortable 25 minutes later.

Her thinking is that if we rule out everything, treat me with medicines, and she stil suspects gallbladder, she will be able to convince a surgeon that the liklihood is that it's my gb and let's just take the damn thing out.

I do want her to order a CT scan or something, because lately I'm also having upper left quadrant pain in addition to the normal upper middle pain and upper right pain. I have no other signs of pancreatitis though and all of my bloodwork has been fine. This could very well be referred pain, but my thinking is that one more stupid test to see how things look over there won't be a big deal.

My fear is that it isn't gallbladder, that they'll do surgery, and they won't find anything wrong. But my pain is pretty classic gb, and when I avoid all fats I feel a lot better. But still, the fear of having surgery and still having problems looms over me. So on one hand I'm glad she is not jumping to conclusions. She says he gut tells her its gb, but let's try meds and let's rule out everything else first. If it is my gb, I don't have stones, I probably am in the beginning stages of gb disease, and if they repeated the tests 6 months from now I would fail them miserably. If anyone wants to do surgery if I am still passing the tests I'll get a second opinion. But truth be told, I want a rapid resolution to this because it really sucks ass. I'm losing weight like crazy. Granted I feel better on a fat free diet than I felt before, but still. It's not healthy to have zero fats in your diet for any extended period of time. I still have bad days, and I still leave work early sometimes, and overall I just feel somewhat sickly. And I'm frustrated. I'm tired of fat free foods. Really, really tired of them. I want some meat. Like a nice juicy steak. Holy hell. That would be the best thing in the world.


Deneen said...
Tuesday, 04 December, 2007

I can't take either the Librax or the Bentyl-they really make me feel like shit.

The fat thing sounds like gallbladder and I told you, I had to be in a full blown attack before anything showed up.

If the Nexium and Protonix didn't help, you may need to try something else-I had to keep switching til they found something. Also, they could add Zantac (they did that with me) at night to help. I'm never 100% and still drink Mylanta between meals and use Gas-X, etc.

I don't know what to tell you-not eating makes you more acidic.

BTW, beautiful shawl and the scarf is very pretty.

HobbyZu said...
Wednesday, 05 December, 2007

That's a weird test result. I hope this all gets settled soon before you lose too much weight and disappear on us! :-)

Ms. Diva said...
Tuesday, 11 December, 2007

My partner was having what we thought was ulcer pains all summer long. Like you, she had to watch what she ate and was still having stomach pains at night. Then she got hit with an attack and landed in the ER. She had her gb out the day before Thanksgiving. She still is eating low fat (she had steak Last night - no problems :)) but she feels so much better. I hope they can help you soon - because living with stomach pain is no fun. I'll send you good thoughts!!!

Anonymous said...
Saturday, 15 December, 2007

I just came across this and feel like someone has the same issues I have. I am 39 and for a year I have had upper right quadrant pain. I went to the doctor a year ago and he set me up for a ultrasound which came back A-OK. He prescribed Prevacid and said I was getting older and evidently my stomach was changing. Whatever!
I took the prevacid which seemed to help some. I probably should also add I was a daily beer drinker.
I lived through the pain until November and had had enough so I scheduled another doctor visit (I had called a few times over the year and all they would do is sent in another prescription for Prevacid).
This visit showed up slightly elevated amylase enzymes. OK, so that means pancreatitis but I stopped drinking back in October and I still have pain. I was sent to a GI doctor after that test result and I have had an endoscopy (wow, that drug they used to knock me out was awesome) and a hida scan and they both showed no problems whatsoever. I feel tired and sleepy alot especially after eating. I have been on a fat free/low fat diet for over 10 years so food is not the problem. Of course I am freaked out and scared they will end up telling me I have pancreatic cancer but I have not been jaundiced and biliruben(sp?) has never been out of wack. This is about as depressed as I have ever been in my life. The spasms and gas pains that can come are so strong I want to kill somebody.
Sorry to vent on your blog but I needed to let some of this out. I am so scared I can't really share how scared I am with my wife.

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

I have been having a knawling pain in my mid to upper right abdomen. It tends to get worse at night and wakes me up a lot. I also have a bloated, gassy feeling in my stomach after I eat. I am on prevacid for over a year now and wonder if this has caused my problems. I went for an upper quadrant ultrasound which came back normal. I also had a Hida scan which the tech told me i have a low ejection rate (about 20%) He said he is not a doctor but he thought my symptoms may be from a duadnum ulcer. Or it may be a combination of the two. I saw a nurse practioner (because my doctor took up to a month to make an apointment with) and she told me it shouldn't be an ulcer because i take prevacid (should have waited to see the doctor). The tech told me that prevacid prevents acid buildup in your stomach but you still you can still have acid buildup in your duadnum. I just dont know what to do from here regarding my gallbladder but I feel like crap almost every day with this pain. Anyone else have a similar dillema? I am a 38 year old male. I have scheduled an appointment with a GI doctor in the future but would like to hear from someone else. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 09 April, 2008

i have been having pain in my upper and right abdomen for quite sometime, said it was acid reflux i take nexium, been through several pills, but they do not help i gag alot and sometimes throw up...i had an ultascan on my gall bladder and liver, it looked fine had a ct it looked fine, they finally did a hida scan which i had never heard of, they said that it wasnt working at all and that is why i feel sick and have the pain...so naturally they said i need my gall bladder out if i am ever gonna feel better....they said 30% or less production was bad and that mine was 0 so i guess that's what i am gonna have to do sure hate to, but can't imagine living like this the rest of my life....hope you all feel better

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 04 November, 2008

I'm 35 years old and started feeling stomach pains in my upper mid and right side abdomen. I have never had any of these kind of pains in my life. So the medical quest to figure this out began. I had a colonoscopy first it was negative. Next was the endoscopy and it was negative also.Before all this I had an emergency room visit and they did an ultrasound of my gall bladder and bile ducts, as well as a CT scan of my abdomen. All these tests were negative and I was released with pain pills. I was given bentyl as well and they thought that I'd developed IBS. This went on for three months and I started to question whether I was gonna live through the pain both physical and mental or get checked into a mental institution. Had several blood tests and enzymes were normal and CT scan was checked again to rule out Pancreas tumor, but your mind can play tricks on you and drive you insane thinking about it. As well as the waiting on the ever vigilant medical attention from your doctors. I finally had a hida scan test and it proved positive with a less than 8% ejection rate. I now have another consult with surgeon to get it out. Living on zantac and pain pills to keep the cramps and bloating down. The pain in this stuff really sucks. Hope you all feel better soon.

Paige said...
Wednesday, 12 November, 2008

Hi! Don't know if you're still reading this from last year but I don't see another way to contact you on the blog. I'm wondering what happened? Do you still have your gallbladder? I'm in the same boat. Bloodwork and ultrasound totally normal but all symptoms point to gallbladder. I had my HIDA scan today - no results yet.

Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 21 January, 2009

I had my Hida Scan today as well. All other test's have been normal! Will have to wait and see what they say!

Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 22 July, 2009

Hi All - feel your pain. Literally. For 25 years. My first gall bladder attack was at about 24 years old. Once or twice a year since then. Three ultrasounds over time all proved negative. At 22 I weighed 123. At 47 I weigh 123. Course, most people don't acknowledge that's a problem...how many middle aged women are so priveledged to wear a size 2? But I can't exercise or I'll loose weight...because I can't eat enough to replenish. How healthy is that? I can eat about 1/2 cup of food and only eat a few bites of meat...and still have pain after every meal. Finally I fit the profile to have a HIDA scan..mid-40's, multiple children, repeated attacks..most importantly I think the Dr is now younger than me so I look old and reputable enough for a gall bladder failure even if no stones are visible on the ultrasound. Of course, now I'm passing out and taking longer to recover. Turns out the ejection rate is 25%. Now I get it out! It was a long long painful wait. Good luck to you all...I certainly hope you don't have to wait so long.

Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 19 August, 2009

I have been going through the same thing for 13 years on and off with many conflicting test results. One ultrasound would show sludge two months later completely normal. Pain got to the point where it never went away. All the doctors were making me feel like I was crazy. I finally had yet another hida scan Monday and I ate normal all weekend before and just suffered with the pain. I finally got the test reslts I needed to make them listen 17% ejection rate. As sad as it sounds I was extremely happy to finally have proof. I had doctors tell me it was my ulcers, IBS, you name it but I just knew they were wrong. It takes time sometimes unfortunately to get the answer. What is so sad though is most doctors act like these tests are 100% accurate but the techs who perform them non-stop will tell you real quick they don't always tell the whole story so don't give up...

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Tuesday, 01 December, 2009

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Kathy said...
Wednesday, 23 December, 2009

Sounds like I am not alone with my symptoms as I have all the above with one added one. Dizzieness, horrible whirling after I eat any fats. I suspect my pancreatic duct is blocked causing a backup of fats and it is sitting there just fermenting. I think I need a HIDA scan but my GI man says no and come back after a no fat diet in 2-3 months, I can't sit here with these symptoms that long, I need some help now so on to another GI and hope for a scan. I already had my GB out years ago so that can't be the problem.
Doctor's don't listen!!!!
Has anyone experienced the dizzieness along with the usual bloat and gas from eating fats.
I have been fat free for two weeks and it has helped but its a hard diet to stay on. I have to as the bloat is horrible.

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