Okay okay...

The CT scan was fine, really. I guess I get really psyched up for things and worry myself sick about them, only to come to find that they're no big deal afterall. I wasn't worried about the scan itself, but that damn barium I had to drink.

But I managed to drank those first 2 bottles in 7 minutes flat. I felt like I should have had a beer bong and been listening to Dave Matthews Band with all my frat-guy friends. I chugged the hell out of it! Seriously, my college friends would have been so proud of me. It was only bothersome at the very end of the second bottle when it wanted to come back up a bit, probably due to the sheer volume of what I had just put into my stomach. But all in all the taste wasn't miserable, and more than anything it was just a lot of liquid to ingest so quickly. Texture was a little unnerving, but really, no big deal at all.

So I got there and chugged some more and had the dye injection. The scan was fine. They didn't tell me anything. I should find out Friday or Monday. I wasn't a fan of the dye, it had a bit of a reaction on me where I just felt flushed and woozy for about 10 minutes. By the time I had gotten dressed it was gone though, and ultimately no big deal. Honestly the only unpleasant part of the whole thing was the fact that it took her like 5 needle sticks to find a vein, and once again my arms look like I'm an IV drug user. I'm very bruised. I don't mind needles, but lately no one is able to find a vein and I end up all bruised and sore from their repeated attempts. I assume it's because all of these tests have meant at least a 12 hour fast prior, and I end up being dehydrated with veins that want to keep collapsing. Ordinarily they never have problems with me.

I also cancelled the colonoscopy. Though I kind of chickened out and said I'd reschedule which is a lie. I plan to have a second opinion. If the second opinion thinks it's warranted or if the CT Scan shows anything, I'll do it immediately. Otherwise, I'm going to have to wait until February or March when I can afford to shell out more dough for the insurance deductible. I just don't have it right now, considering the CT Scan cost me $480. And who knows, maybe when I see a new GI they'll agree with the first doctor (who I liked) and they'll think the colonoscopy will not be necessary. If it is, I'll do it, but otherwise I have better things to spend $500 on.

Anyhow, I went to work after the CT scan thinking I'd be fine, but the barium ended up having a bad effect on me, so I left after about 90 minutes. I felt full and and uncomfortable, which I expected since I drank so much thick liquid. Unfortunately, it upset my stomach quite a bit, and I just needed to go home and take some Pepto and relax. The barium did not stay in me, put it that way. After some over the counter meds I was fine, just felt a bit full and not all that hungry. Imagine having a stomach full of a liquid heavy metal. That's pretty much how it felt. Like a big ball in my stomach. Not painful or crampy, just oddly stuffed beyond capacity.

So we're in the midst of another storm today. This is, I believe, the 5th or 6th storm we've had that has dumped over 6 inches of snow since the beginning of December. It's non-stop. We got 6 overnight and are due for 6 more during the day. It's insane. It's so pretty outside (until you're cleaning off your car and driving in it). My boss is great, lets me stay home when the roads are crap, which they are today. However, I've missed so much work for appointments and tests and procedures that I have been coming in regardless during storms, even though I know he'd be fine to let me have a snow day. The 4 wheel drive is great and my confidence driving in bad weather is increasing. I used to drive a Hyundai and that didn't go anywhere in the snow. It was awful. I couldn't make it up hills because the car was far too light, and it would just slide all over the road. The Jeep is fantastic though so I have no problems getting to and from places. But, since I'm still not a huge fan of driving around in the bad weather, I always make a point to only be here during daylight. I usually work 10 to 8 today, but I'm doing 7 to 2:30 or so. It will take a solid hour to drive home with all the traffic and bad road conditions. Took me 45 minutes to get here which is fantastic all things considered. I can't even describe how nice it is to have 4 wheel drive in a snow storm. I'm not one of those cocky SUV or truck drivers that thinks you can do 50 in a storm just because you have 4 wheel drive. It does help you to go and not slip on the nasty roads, but it won't help you to stop. I don't understand why it's so terrible to drive 30 miles per hour on a windy, curvy, hilly road that has 3 inches of snow on it, but it must be terrible because all the other SUVs pass me. I just take it slow with all the 2 wheel drive cars out there, and I do just fine.

On the crochet front I'm still not done with the granny square blanket. It looks great though. And I'm close to being completed. I did find a mistake in it that I had made, about 20 rows back, and I almost died. I don't think anyone will ever notice, but it's irking the shit out of me. I want to frog it, but if I do it won't be done in time for Christmas. Instead of 3 dc in a chain one space I somehow only did 1 in this one spot, and I can't believe it. I must have been distracted. It's really making me crazy, but I don't have the time to fix it. Argh. I hate that. I'm going to try to get creative with some yarn and a needle in that spot and see if I can give the illusion of 2 extra stitches there, because I just can't handle it. It's so unnoticeable though that once I knew it was there it took me about 5 minutes to find it again, so it's not obvious to anyone but me. But fellow knitters and crocheters will understand how irritating it is.

I have 5 more rows of the light pink, one row each of white and green, and then a sc border around it in the dark pink. After that, just weave in the ends. I manage 2 rows a day after work, so I'm getting there. Now that it's so huge, it takes forever to crochet around all 4 sides. I'm using a K hook which is pretty large (but what the pattern called for), but it's just not going all that quickly. Oh well, it will be done with by Sunday no matter what. I can't wait to show pictures. I'm rather proud of it. Not my style and I don't really like the colors, but Mom will love it and that's all that matters.

I've been using a lot of Red Heart Super Saver for the blankets. I washed the one for my niece and it was very soft afterward, and I was suprised at how nice it felt. However, I used RH Soft for Mark's parents blanket, and it was much more pleasant feeling. I think once I'm done with all of these I will not buy RH SS anymore. The RH Soft is much nicer and makes a great ghan. I have a bunch leftover from years ago that I'm going to make into a scrap ghan, and then after that I think I'll wash my hands of it. I'll still use acrylic or an acrylic blend yarn for any blankets, because seriously, it's just not right to have a blanket you can't throw in the washer and dryer. In my opinion at any rate. But I plan to use a softer acrylic in the future.


Bron said...
Thursday, 20 December, 2007

I'm glad it ended up so well (although sorry the Barium made you sick!) I had to do a Barium thing years ago when my ulcer was diagnosed. But I was flat on a board & they turned me upside down & all around to take pictures.

Ah - good times. ;)

Andy's Crafts said...
Saturday, 22 December, 2007

Glad you are doing fine. Enjoy looking at the snow. Here we have to go about 3 hours into the mountains to see snow, but I don't miss it lol!.

Anonymous said...
Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

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