T-Minus 90 Minutes

Well, 90 minutes to go before I have to chug 2 bottles of Barium for a CT Scan. Between 8:30 and 9 I have to chug 2 bottles of Barium (hooray!) and then drive 30 minutes to the imaging center. Once there I chug another bottle (wow, it's my lucky day!) and then I'll have the scan. I'm hoping and praying something shows up. I'm so tired of negative test results. I know my body, and I know something is amiss. I'm starting to feel discouraged that I have some sort of "non-ulcer dyspepsia," which is a generic diagnosis of upper abdominal pain with no real treatment other than avoiding the foods and situations that bother you. It's not that I want to be sick, but I'd like to have a concrete diagnosis and concrete treatment plan.

I have to say though, once I started to really be diligent about my diet, I've found that low fat foods really make a world of difference. I do have an indigestion-y sort of feeling sometimes, but it seems to be related to eating. I haven't had any sharp pains since I've cut out fatty foods. In fact, I notice that when I cheat, like last night when I had a bite of a candy bar because of a chocolate craving, I have some upper abdominal pains. When I don't eat fats, I don't have those pains. So, I'm still inclined to believe the first doctor that my gallbladder is starting to show signs of gallbladder disease absent any stones. But, if there are no stones or sludge, the only test that will show that is a HIDA scan, which I have already had and which was inconclusive. If that's what this is, then nope, the CT Scan won't show anything most likely. Bah.

Oh, I'm cancelling the colonoscopy I think. Er, not cancelling but rather postponing it. I have a $500 insurance deductible for tests and procedures and such, which I will be paying today for the CT Scan. I simply cannot afford to pay an additional $500 in January when the new year and new deductible starts again. So, after the CT Scan I'm going to have to call the doctor's office and explain to them that until I get my tax return, I likely won't be able to afford it. I've ben told 2 things that lead me to believe this is okay: First doctor said since my symptoms are up very high in my stomach, a colonscopy wasn't necessary because I don't have any lower stomach symptoms. And then the 2nd doctor said he didn't think the test would reveal any problems either. So, I feel okay about waiting for 2 months or so. He may be annoyed, but oh well. What can you do? I don't have that kind of money laying around. As it is, my Christmas Bonus will be paying for today's festivities.

Have a great day everyone.


Deneen said...
Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Hold your nose and chug the barium-chilled is better. Ask if it has a "laxative: in it because if it doesn't (most do now), you'll need Milk of Magnesia or else be bouind up like cement for days (TMI, but important).

The colonoscopy, it won't help the upper stomach. I had a $1,000 deductible and it went over the $1,000 and honestly, didn't tell me anything about my stomach problems.

I have the same issues as you do and it's chronic gastritis and I'm stuck with the Nexium (for me anyway) and chugging Mylanta sometimes when it's bad-always chronic shoulder pain from it on the upper left side for me. Low fat is okay, no fat is bad.

Good luck-it'll suck, but be done with for the holidays.

Amy said...
Wednesday, 19 December, 2007

Good luck!

Even though it's unlikely you really need the colonoscopy, perhaps you could convince them to up the schedule and squeeze you in yet this year -- then your deductible is already paid....

Just a thought. (And perhaps an argument for them if they try to give you dire warnings. If it's that urgent, get you an appt. before year end.)

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