Crafting Slump

Not sure what it is, if it's a post-holiday thing, a winter blues thing, or what. But for whatever reason I'm beyond lazy these days. I recently pulled out a large amount of yarn for 3 projects, two of which I've just barely started, but lately I haven't had any desire to crochet. I try to force myself but that's just not fun.

It's unfortunate because I'm actually quite excited about the projects I've chosen. The first one is just a striped wool rug. I plan on felting it. I took all of my dark, autumn-inspired colors of wool (perhaps 7 colors?) and am making a rug to put in the kitchen by the sink. I have a rug that I currently use in that spot and I made the wool rug about 10 inches longer than that one, and will make it about 10 inches wider, so that after being felted the size is similar. I didn't measure, I'd guess it's maybe 3x5? It's a good sized rug. JC Penney's catalog carries rug backings so I'll buy one to fit so it doesn't slide. It's a great stash busting project, and one that will look great in the house.

The second project I have in mind is another ghan though, truth be told, the rug project is large enough for me right now and I'd rather make smaller items. I would really like a striped throw for the couch though, so that's also on my 2008 to-do list.

Finally I'm making a cotton bath mat for the bathroom. The pattern I'm using for this is the circle motif rug from the new Crochet Me book. I'm awful, I am not certain who the designer is off the top of my head and, well, here I am not looking it up as I type this. Anyhow, you can see a picture of it on the CrochetMe CAL Blog. I'm using Sugar n' Cream doubled in white, a pale yellow and light blue (the colors of my shower curtain). The shower curtain is striped and I thought the juxtaposition of the circles would look fantastic. Here's to hoping. I've made a whopping 2 circles thus far.

But mostly I can't bring myself to crochet anything. Not even something small and quick. At most these days I spend my spare time napping, going to bed early, staring at the TV (are you sensing a pattern here), or wedding planning. Actually, the wedding planning is fun. I know our budget and when the weather is more agreeable we'll take a look at the vineyard we're interested in. Aside from the dress, the meal, the roof and the alcohol this will be a 100% handmade wedding. So literally for the next year I imagine I'll slowly be collecting craft tid-bits to make favors and invitations and centerpieces and the like. Some of the things I wish to do (like make my own cake) will require some practice, so I'll have some very happy family members who get to sample oodles of dessert over the next 12-18 months until the wedding. Poor, poor people that they are!

Here's what I'm planning for the cake. This version shows 200+ cupcakes. My guest list will be about 95-100 so I think 3 tiers would be more realistic. I will need lovely silk flowers and silk leaves. I'll finally get to buy that Wilton cake decorating set and how-to DVD I've always wanted and practice making flowers. I'll stick with simple cupcake frosting designs: daisies, sunflowers, bunches of grapes, big round pumpkins, simple roses. All in dark October colors. I'm pretty good at cake decorating to begin with and will have the help of my dear friend and pastry chef, so I'm not worried one bit. The biggest part will be having enough silk flowers and leaves to give it the same full, elegant look as this picture.

They've used fresh flowers in these pics, but since I'm doing this myself and on a budget, no way. Too much to worry about by using fresh, and with the silk flowers I can have it mostly set up beforehand, and it will be quick the day of. Mostly what I need is to be able to mix dark frosting and make flowers. If I suck at it, there's always the option of using silk flowers or pre-made edible ones. I'm sure with some practice this will be very, very attainable.

Favors are going to be brown kraft bags with handmade black and white tags. The tags will have the individual and their table number. Inside it will be chock full of home baked goodies.

I'll make my own bouquet with a hardy flower (calla lily perhaps, or some other type of lily) tied with a dark ribbon. I may have a small vase on each table with a single flower (if I do calla lilies) or a few lilies. Or, I'll ditch the flowers altogether and do some other form of handmade centerpiece. I'm not certain.

Invitations will be 100% handmade and will take me 2-3 months to complete. I've sketched out a few ideas but haven't yet decided for certain.

Fun stuff for sure though. I'm very excited about these little details. It should be fun.

I'm fighting off a cold and I think it's getting the best of me. I'm going to go have some hot tea with honey.


Zuleika said...
Friday, 11 January, 2008

I know exactly what you mean with the crocheting! I haven't done anything in a few weeks. It's impossible to force yourself to do something properly, that you really don't want to do. It'll just turn out wrong in some way because you're not into it.

The wedding plans sound amazing! Maybe your mind is so focused on your wedding, you have no spare brain cells to use on crocheting. :-)

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