Ben Affleck is MORE annoying than Matt Damon...

But Jimmy Kimmel's response to girlfriend Sarah Silverman's infidelity is pretty fantastic.

Jimmy Kimmel f***s Ben Affleck

Same with my last post about this subject...don't watch this video around the kiddos.

Remember this tote bag?

A few weeks back I felted it into this:

My dissapointment? See how along the green edges where the seams are, how on the inside of those seams is a jagged white edge? Terrible design flaw that irritates me. I had decided to do the bottom and sides solid white. So to make the seam look good when I sewed the pieces together, I opted to outline the striped front in a white single crochet border. See, at first I planned to seam them together in WHITE. I didn't have enough white left though, so I chose green. So when I seamed the pieces up, you can see that white sc border. Damn!


I made a hat last weekend that I find to be particularly cute.

Sara's head is not lumpy, I'm not sure what's up with this photo. Isn't that button cute?

I listed it in the etsy store. I have since gotten a custom order for one for a Red Hat luncheon.


I met my new doctor yesterday and was instantly filled with great relief. My initial consultation is in approximately 10 days. I had stopped into the office to fill out the medical release to get my records from the other doctor's office. The new doctor heard me talking with the receptionist and actually walked over to say hello and shake my hand. He left a great first impression.

I've been having some *off* days lately but I've also had some minor successes. I'm still doubled over if I eat fat. However, my diet is much more complete now that I've been researching and practicing and using new recipes. Though I know I'm getting too little fat (I eat 2 grams give or take per meal), I'm getting enough of my other essential vitamins and nutrients finally. I've also discovered through trial and error that Protonix sucks for me and Nexium works very well. The insurance actually said no to the Nexium until I tried Protonix. Well, it's been 3 months of minor, constant gnawing in my gut on the Protonix. When I, out of curiosity, decided to use the 24 day supply of Nexium I had in the way of free samples, I had about 24 pain free days. Still couldn't eat fat, but the times between meals felt great. And I have experimented with foods, and there is nothing fat free or low fat that I cannot eat. I can eat it all. It's 100% fat related. I've kept a pain "log" where I write down what I've eaten, what my mood is, what's going on, etc. every time I have a painful episode. I can't see any correlation between stress and stomach issues either. It seems 100% fat related.

So with my research my best guess is gallbladder. I think the first pregnant doc who is now on maternity leave was onto something. My second guess is non-ulcer dyspepsia which I highly doubt, but won't rule it out yet. If it was this I suspect I'd have issues with spicy foods too, and acidic foods. But I don't. Just fattening foods. So I tend to think that it's not dyspepsia or gastritis or h.pylori given that other indigestion-causing foods have no effect on me. It's not impossible but I do think if it was one of those things, more than fat would have an effect.

Anyhow, aside from feeling really tired all the time from the 20 pound weight loss that was entirely unnecessary, I'm feeling mostly optimistic. I hadn't been, until I met my new doctor. Something about him and his demeanor just struck a chord with me. I'm hoping my instincts are right about him.

Singles Awareness Day

***Warning: Slight rant coming up. I don't mean to take away from those who enjoy and celebrate Valentine's Day. I think it's great that people do. So please don't take it the wrong way and think I'm saying anything negative about the people who love the idea of today.***

For most of my adult life I have wanted to start a movement to ban Valentine's Day, or at least change its title to be a more honest reflection of what the day really is. While I've never been single on Valentine's Day (not in my adult life anyhow), over the years I've had many friends who were. Most of these friends were very strong, independent individuals who didn't shriek about being single, were not desperate to find a significant other, and certainly did not spend their time lamenting their singlehood. That is, until Valentine's Day. Have you ever noticed that single people feel so much more single on Valentine's Day? My strongest, most independent friends did, and these are tough cookies, folks, not people who would whine about being alone. I think it's kind of a travesty that this day makes people the world over feel terrible about themselves.

For most of my adult life I have not been single at all really. I've always had a significant other on Valentine's Day. And even so, I still felt terribly alone and lamentful every year on February 14th. I do not think I'm the only attached woman to feel that way either. I would see the commercials, I would hear people talk about it, and I would think, "Why isn't he doing that for me?" Or, "I wish he was more romantic." How many of you have ever thought that? Your friend gets gorgeous flowers or jewelry or what have you, and you don't...isn't there usually a bit of jealousy that you don't want to admit to?

As women, do we just have too many expectations? Or do we rely too heavily upon the television to tell us how to act, think, feel? Are our social cues learned from a marketing firm?

I am proud to say that on this day I am feeling fantastic. Fabulous even. Mark and I are not exchanging gifts. We discussed it last night and (supposedly) he had planned to pick something up for me. I expressed a non-interest. And I actually meant it this time. I think the difference is that I'm finally in a relationship where I don't need gifts to believe he wants to be with me. I don't need the reaffirmation. I know he loves me. And I'm not in need of a holiday to remind me or fill me with happiness. It's a pretty kickass feeling. Honestly, I'd be bothered if he didn't somehow acknowledge it. But I hope he acknowledges it by having the litterboxes scooped already when I get home from work at 9pm, or the dishes done, so I can sit down after an 11 hour work day and actually relax. To me, that sort of gift is priceless.

For those who do enjoy the day and the romance of it, more power to you. Have fun. Be merry. It's magical to feel giddy and lovey, no matter what. For those who are single and feel a bit burnt by Hallmark, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you're not just single, you're single and fabulous. And for people like me who feel like this day is not important in the whole scheme of your relationship, isn't it kind of a nice feeling? A freeing feeling?

Have fun today no matter what your situation is. Hopefully it's magical for you!

Blanket Stats and More Stash Diving

As I mentioned previously, I used up 7 skeins of acrylic yarn. Most of the yarn I think was RH Super Saver. I believe there were a few skeins of Mainstays in there, which I had gotten a box of from the woman who taught me to crochet (16+/- years ago!). It was a good stash buster. I of course forgot to measure the width when I was done (it was past my bedtime), but the length is 60 inches. If I had to guess I'd say the width was around 48. I edged it in black, which used up another partial mystery skein. Total time from start to finish was 14 days. I used a big L hook. Our third floor apartment is beyond hot (the heat hasn't come on yet this year, put it that way, and our bedroom window has never been closed all the way). I can't even imagine having used an H or I hook--it would be so dense and thick. Much, much too warm for our needs.

My next stash buster is using up roughly 15 full and partial skeins of wool. I'm making a striped rug that I'll felt once it's completed. Not certain if I will sew the rug onto a rug backing or just lay it on top of one. I suppose it will depend upon the care instructions. The finished rug should be approximately 4 x 3 and it will go in the kitchen in front of the sink.

Then it's onto the circle motif rug (this is someone's version of it, not the designer's) from Crochet Me. I believe I have enough Sugar 'n Cream to complete it. I may alter it slightly and make it just a bit smaller to better fit my bathroom. I'm using 100% cotton, double stranded, thinking it will make a nice bathmat. Our shower curtain is striped, and I thought the circles would add a nice contrast. It will be primarily white, with some very pale yellow circles thrown in there and a touch of pale blue. Like the living room pillows, the shower curtain has about 8 different colors in it. I won't be using them all this time around though. ;)

I'm hoping 2008 ends with me having used up a large portion of my stash. Once these 2 fairly sizeable projects are done, I've got one more enormous plastic bin of yarn to get through. I anticipate a lot of smaller projects, maybe a baby blanket or two where I have a few skeins of similar yarn, but mostly hats and scarves and that sort of thing. I'm hoping to put as much of it as I can on mine and Sara's etsy store.

I still have 700 yards of sportweight Alpaca that I plan to turn into a shawl or bolero this year. I haven't seen a ton of patterns that stand out to me, so I may wing it. I don't know if you recall, but back in July when Mom was in the hospital I made a shrug/bolero something-er-other. I hadn't planned to make this project, but while spending 10 hours in a hospital waiting room this is what I came up with completely on an exhausted whim. I've never used it; I look at it more as a practice/proto-type I suppose since the yarn choice is so inappropriate for a wearable item (in my opinion anyhow). The process taught me how to shape a basic shrug or bolero, and I'm thinking I will take the basics of this shrug and add some style to it. It might be a fun challenge at the very least.

That's all for now. Hope you're all having a great week.

Happy Birthday Mark

Used up 7 nearly full skeins of mystery acrylic yarn (no labels anymore). He loves it, and 7 skeins of yarn are gone.

I don't like Matt Damon...

...but I laughed my ass of when I watched this video.

Sara Silverman fu**s Matt Damon
Not child appropriate


Sara bought a ton of Paton's SWS for us to fuel our latest obsession with felted bags.

Sara's Bags:

April's Bags:

We created and listed them all in an Etsy store this weekend.

Postcard Project

I stumbled across this blog and am intrigued. I sent along my address this morning.

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