Blanket Stats and More Stash Diving

As I mentioned previously, I used up 7 skeins of acrylic yarn. Most of the yarn I think was RH Super Saver. I believe there were a few skeins of Mainstays in there, which I had gotten a box of from the woman who taught me to crochet (16+/- years ago!). It was a good stash buster. I of course forgot to measure the width when I was done (it was past my bedtime), but the length is 60 inches. If I had to guess I'd say the width was around 48. I edged it in black, which used up another partial mystery skein. Total time from start to finish was 14 days. I used a big L hook. Our third floor apartment is beyond hot (the heat hasn't come on yet this year, put it that way, and our bedroom window has never been closed all the way). I can't even imagine having used an H or I hook--it would be so dense and thick. Much, much too warm for our needs.

My next stash buster is using up roughly 15 full and partial skeins of wool. I'm making a striped rug that I'll felt once it's completed. Not certain if I will sew the rug onto a rug backing or just lay it on top of one. I suppose it will depend upon the care instructions. The finished rug should be approximately 4 x 3 and it will go in the kitchen in front of the sink.

Then it's onto the circle motif rug (this is someone's version of it, not the designer's) from Crochet Me. I believe I have enough Sugar 'n Cream to complete it. I may alter it slightly and make it just a bit smaller to better fit my bathroom. I'm using 100% cotton, double stranded, thinking it will make a nice bathmat. Our shower curtain is striped, and I thought the circles would add a nice contrast. It will be primarily white, with some very pale yellow circles thrown in there and a touch of pale blue. Like the living room pillows, the shower curtain has about 8 different colors in it. I won't be using them all this time around though. ;)

I'm hoping 2008 ends with me having used up a large portion of my stash. Once these 2 fairly sizeable projects are done, I've got one more enormous plastic bin of yarn to get through. I anticipate a lot of smaller projects, maybe a baby blanket or two where I have a few skeins of similar yarn, but mostly hats and scarves and that sort of thing. I'm hoping to put as much of it as I can on mine and Sara's etsy store.

I still have 700 yards of sportweight Alpaca that I plan to turn into a shawl or bolero this year. I haven't seen a ton of patterns that stand out to me, so I may wing it. I don't know if you recall, but back in July when Mom was in the hospital I made a shrug/bolero something-er-other. I hadn't planned to make this project, but while spending 10 hours in a hospital waiting room this is what I came up with completely on an exhausted whim. I've never used it; I look at it more as a practice/proto-type I suppose since the yarn choice is so inappropriate for a wearable item (in my opinion anyhow). The process taught me how to shape a basic shrug or bolero, and I'm thinking I will take the basics of this shrug and add some style to it. It might be a fun challenge at the very least.

That's all for now. Hope you're all having a great week.


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