I met my new doctor yesterday and was instantly filled with great relief. My initial consultation is in approximately 10 days. I had stopped into the office to fill out the medical release to get my records from the other doctor's office. The new doctor heard me talking with the receptionist and actually walked over to say hello and shake my hand. He left a great first impression.

I've been having some *off* days lately but I've also had some minor successes. I'm still doubled over if I eat fat. However, my diet is much more complete now that I've been researching and practicing and using new recipes. Though I know I'm getting too little fat (I eat 2 grams give or take per meal), I'm getting enough of my other essential vitamins and nutrients finally. I've also discovered through trial and error that Protonix sucks for me and Nexium works very well. The insurance actually said no to the Nexium until I tried Protonix. Well, it's been 3 months of minor, constant gnawing in my gut on the Protonix. When I, out of curiosity, decided to use the 24 day supply of Nexium I had in the way of free samples, I had about 24 pain free days. Still couldn't eat fat, but the times between meals felt great. And I have experimented with foods, and there is nothing fat free or low fat that I cannot eat. I can eat it all. It's 100% fat related. I've kept a pain "log" where I write down what I've eaten, what my mood is, what's going on, etc. every time I have a painful episode. I can't see any correlation between stress and stomach issues either. It seems 100% fat related.

So with my research my best guess is gallbladder. I think the first pregnant doc who is now on maternity leave was onto something. My second guess is non-ulcer dyspepsia which I highly doubt, but won't rule it out yet. If it was this I suspect I'd have issues with spicy foods too, and acidic foods. But I don't. Just fattening foods. So I tend to think that it's not dyspepsia or gastritis or h.pylori given that other indigestion-causing foods have no effect on me. It's not impossible but I do think if it was one of those things, more than fat would have an effect.

Anyhow, aside from feeling really tired all the time from the 20 pound weight loss that was entirely unnecessary, I'm feeling mostly optimistic. I hadn't been, until I met my new doctor. Something about him and his demeanor just struck a chord with me. I'm hoping my instincts are right about him.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 21 February, 2008

It's ashame because with gallbladder, sometimes you need to be in a full blown attack for it to show-the day before my dx with it, I had a barium swallow and it was negative, the next day, ultrasound positive.

Nexium is all that works for me, period. My doctor tried a few others and then argued, loudly that the others didn't work, I had allergic reactions, gimme what works and we know works and they relented.

I'm glad your new doctor seems nice-one that you are comfortable with is important.

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