Blame it on the Bloggers

Or you can blame Deneen and Bron specifically. :) These two blogs give me lots and lots of ideas for projects, and remind me of patterns I've acquired and may like to use some day. Blogging has really become a great network for me to get ideas.

Sometime in the Fall of 2007 I purchased Positively Crochet by Mary Jane Hall. Like every pattern book or magazine I have, when I get it I pour through it and leave little sticky-notes on any pages that contain projects I would like to make (you'll see them in the below photos). Well, I have a serious case of book acquision syndrome and the reality is that I rarely make the projects I like so much. But a day or two ago, I was reading one of Deneen's posts about the book and I thought to myself....hmmm...why did I put that book away and forget about it? Then this morning, I discovered that Bron discussed the book, too. Kind of a fateful reminder.

So, here are a few patterns I'd like to make this year.

I love this felted bag. Simple and cute. I absolutely hate the popcorn looking trim along the top, but the brown and teal are quite lovely together.

This bag is made with Jiffy and I would not use that yarn for a purse. But a nice cotton or wool bag in this pattern would be really quite lovely. Oh, also minus the tassle.

This would be perfect for work in the warmer weather.

The white sweater on the cover is what caused me to buy the book in the first place. But again, what's with all the popcorn looking danglies in this book? The sweater is great without it though, I think. Not sure about the neckline. It's pretty, but is it practical?

This shrug is likely what I'll make first. There's one other in the book that I also would like to make.

So, I completely blame blogger-dom for getting me all psyched up for some of these projects. I probably wouldn't have thought to pull it out of the bookshelf so soon otherwise. I love how much I am exposed to via blogging, and all the ideas I gleam from people. So, thanks ladies for reminding me about this book. Now I have about 12 more to peek at to see if there's anything that strikes my fancy. :)


Bron said...
Friday, 28 March, 2008

I do the exact same thing: Buy a book, pour through it, mark things I want to make...then not make them because the NEXT book or magazine has come. :)

I'm starting on one of those shrugs next week - still deciding on which! But I definitely feel the need for some crocheting. :)

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