Green Market Tote

Because I work 8 to 12 hours a day at my job, I end up having to tote a bunch of stuff with me. Particularly, I take a bunch of stomach medicine before and after meals, and I also bring a lunch and often times a dinner with me. I made this cotton tote bag for carrying these items in particular. I wanted cotton so it was durable and washable, in case there's ever some food that spills, or liquid meds or whatever.

This gives you an idea of why I wanted a separate bag for medicine. This one bottle is a 9 day supply of one medicine, and it's a huge bottle. Add to that 3 other bottles plus food and I feel like I'm bringing my whole kitchen pantry with me. The tote is a bit more stylish than a plastic grocery bag, which I was using previously.


1 ball of the super sized Lily Sugar n Cream in Hot Green (I used about 3/4)
Small amount of same in black


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