Fishing Hat

About 2 weeks ago I made a fishing hat / bucket hat using 2nd Time Cotton by Knit One Crochet Two:

I think the hat turned out fantastic. I had planned to do Annette's Fun in the Sun Hat from last Summer's IW Crochet, but, in my typical style, I mostly winged it. I did reference a few patterns here and there for various parts of the hat.

Will I buy the yarn again? It's hard to say. I did like working with it a lot. It's 75% Cotton and 25% Acrylic, so kind of smack dab in the middle of Sugar'n Cream and Cotton-Ease. What drives me crazy about Cotton-Ease is that it stretches like there's no tomorrow. At least the hats that I've made out of it have stretched after a few weeks of daily wear. This hat doesn't seem to want to stretch that much, so that quality may turn out to be pretty great in a hat. And if that's the case, I may invest in some more in the future. Lately I'm obsessed with hats, so I'm always on the look-out for a good hat yarn. I would prefer this yarn to be a little less pricey, but that could just be my LYS. I noticed that compared to a few other shops, this one tended to be on the high side. However, the selection was great and we're not exactly overflowing with yarn stores in this area, so I'll definitely revisit the store again.


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