A Few of My Favorite Things

I've lately been off of the hat kick (soon to be back on it though) and find myself onto simple wraps / capelets. And it's a great use of old bulky yarns that I have since lost interest in.

I'm also in love with scarflettes as a means of stashbusting small quantities of yarn. I'll upload some photos of those later on.

Things are very hectic here at the moment and I really hope they calm down sometime soon. Marley (my cat) is having some constipation issues again but the vets are on top of it, and though it's not fun to administer 3 laxatives a day to a kitty, she's doing alright. Just stressing mom out. Looks like her issues are a product of old age, simply put some senior cats 7 or so years and up lose their ability to poop properly, and she's one of the lucky ones who have been blessed with that disorder. The other 2 are just fine, no asthma attacks yet this summer. I swear, when I was a child I never heard of a single animal who got such bizarre and human-like illnesses!
The wedding is happening very, very quickly (this October is my hope). And no, not because I'm pregnant. :) Empire waisted shirts just happen to be in style lately, I'm not trying to hide anything! So many people keep asking me that. At first it made me giggle but now it's just annoying. Anyhow, we're dealing with a private family illness and we've decided that it would be best if we just went ahead and had ourselves a nice little family wedding this fall. The details have changed 1000 times so far and that's a bit frustrating, but now it's looking like we'll rent out a banquet room at a restaurant (we're looking at 2 in the coming week or so) and either do a buffet type dinner (very small guest list), or have a late night (8pm or so) wedding and do a more lavish hors D' oeuvres spread or dessert buffet with cocktails. We're leaning towards option #2. We'll have a band there (Mark's father is in a really great band and they've offered to play for free) and we'll mostly just have a nice party. Not really sure about the ceremony. If we do something earlier in the evening we'll probably just fork out a $25 permit fee to the city and do something quick in one of our really nice city parks under the trees or something. Very casual. Otherwise I think it will end up being in the banquet facility.
I hope everyone is well. Work is calling to me, as always. Have a great weekend!

Couple of New Hats

I'm very pleased with how these two turned out, so I may write up a pattern for them. They used 3/4 of a skein of cotton-ease and then for the details I used leftover cotton-ease I had laying around. I like them both a lot. Both are for sale on Etsy along with a ton of knitting books and supplies I'm selling if anyone is interested. I listed them so that with the cost of shipping they're still well under retail price.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding plans constantly change. We know for sure that it will be outdoors under a tent in my parents yard and will be low key, fun and laid back. Barbecue-style with Mark's Dad's band and close friends and family. Simple (and cheap!). Because of a family health issue it may end up being this fall if the treatment is successful and no further treatment will be needed. If further treatement is needed, it will be whenever the health situation is looking better. So, I'm making up all of my invitations right now because if it's this fall, when we make the final decision based on her health we're going to only have about 5 weeks notice to pull it all off. Which is fine, I'll just prepare ahead of time. I'm going to print up a nice insert for the invites with date, time, location etc. whenever we know them. But otherwise the invites will be basically what you see above, each one different, each one handmade, each one basic and simple and non-traditional. And if I end up needing all 50 invitations that I bought supplies to make (I won't, I'll use half of that I bet), then I will have spent well under $10 total for invites. But like I said I won't use all of it I don't think, so my expense here is very minimal.

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