A Few of My Favorite Things

I've lately been off of the hat kick (soon to be back on it though) and find myself onto simple wraps / capelets. And it's a great use of old bulky yarns that I have since lost interest in.

I'm also in love with scarflettes as a means of stashbusting small quantities of yarn. I'll upload some photos of those later on.

Things are very hectic here at the moment and I really hope they calm down sometime soon. Marley (my cat) is having some constipation issues again but the vets are on top of it, and though it's not fun to administer 3 laxatives a day to a kitty, she's doing alright. Just stressing mom out. Looks like her issues are a product of old age, simply put some senior cats 7 or so years and up lose their ability to poop properly, and she's one of the lucky ones who have been blessed with that disorder. The other 2 are just fine, no asthma attacks yet this summer. I swear, when I was a child I never heard of a single animal who got such bizarre and human-like illnesses!
The wedding is happening very, very quickly (this October is my hope). And no, not because I'm pregnant. :) Empire waisted shirts just happen to be in style lately, I'm not trying to hide anything! So many people keep asking me that. At first it made me giggle but now it's just annoying. Anyhow, we're dealing with a private family illness and we've decided that it would be best if we just went ahead and had ourselves a nice little family wedding this fall. The details have changed 1000 times so far and that's a bit frustrating, but now it's looking like we'll rent out a banquet room at a restaurant (we're looking at 2 in the coming week or so) and either do a buffet type dinner (very small guest list), or have a late night (8pm or so) wedding and do a more lavish hors D' oeuvres spread or dessert buffet with cocktails. We're leaning towards option #2. We'll have a band there (Mark's father is in a really great band and they've offered to play for free) and we'll mostly just have a nice party. Not really sure about the ceremony. If we do something earlier in the evening we'll probably just fork out a $25 permit fee to the city and do something quick in one of our really nice city parks under the trees or something. Very casual. Otherwise I think it will end up being in the banquet facility.
I hope everyone is well. Work is calling to me, as always. Have a great weekend!


Deneen said...
Wednesday, 25 June, 2008

They're cute!

I just found out my brother is getting married in September-a pool party-how's that for casual?

Alexis said...
Wednesday, 25 June, 2008

I am sorry about the family illness. It's so rude of family members to throw a wrench into things like that. (Yes, I'm kidding!) *hug*

Empire tops are cute. Being asked if you're pregnant when you're not, is just plain offensive. If someone asked me that (which I'm surprised they haven't, since my belly is often bloated due to stomach issues), I think I'd slap 'em. ;) Or maybe not...but I'd definitely want to!

Wraps and capelets are fun. I like the purple one. (Purple is my favorite color!)

Zuleika said...
Wednesday, 25 June, 2008

Cute capelets! I especially like the black one.

The next time someone comments on your baby belly just poke 'em in the eye and blame it on raging hormones. ;-)

Darcie said...
Thursday, 26 June, 2008

What adorable wraps!!! One is just as pretty as the next....

I'm fairly new to you and your blog...just been sitting back and enjoying. ;-) But I finally thought I'd "come out." Congrats on your upcoming union! And don't worry...dh (of nearly 20 years now) and I wanted a quick engagement...and we were bombed with the same looks and questions. Sheesh! The nerve of some. My answer to some of them (when I was at the end of my short rope) was "...and so...what if I was?!" lol

Lizze said...
Sunday, 06 July, 2008

Totally off topic here, but you need to set up your blog to allow for RSS Feeds. Other wise I can't read along from my phone, which is about all I can do right now with Emmett. (And as we all know, it's *all about ME*. lol)

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