Wedding Invitations

Wedding plans constantly change. We know for sure that it will be outdoors under a tent in my parents yard and will be low key, fun and laid back. Barbecue-style with Mark's Dad's band and close friends and family. Simple (and cheap!). Because of a family health issue it may end up being this fall if the treatment is successful and no further treatment will be needed. If further treatement is needed, it will be whenever the health situation is looking better. So, I'm making up all of my invitations right now because if it's this fall, when we make the final decision based on her health we're going to only have about 5 weeks notice to pull it all off. Which is fine, I'll just prepare ahead of time. I'm going to print up a nice insert for the invites with date, time, location etc. whenever we know them. But otherwise the invites will be basically what you see above, each one different, each one handmade, each one basic and simple and non-traditional. And if I end up needing all 50 invitations that I bought supplies to make (I won't, I'll use half of that I bet), then I will have spent well under $10 total for invites. But like I said I won't use all of it I don't think, so my expense here is very minimal.


Zuleika said...
Wednesday, 04 June, 2008

That's the way to do it! So many people start marriage out with debt from the wedding and it shouldn't be that way. Your invitations looks great! :-)

Alexis said...
Saturday, 21 June, 2008

OK...I've finally tuned back in, and I didn't know you were getting married (or if I did, I forgot). *gulp* Sorry, I've been out of the loop (pardon the awful pun) for some time now. Your invitations look great!

Your wedding plans sound nice. Much more low-key than ours, though ours are the way they are out of necessity--no backyards we can use, I have a very big family, we have friends with bands that can't be convinced to do weddings, etc. We'll probably wind up with about 100 guests.

I love the hats you've been making. Do you have any pics of the latest ones, on people?

Holly said...
Friday, 04 July, 2008

These are beautiful.
Your guest will have an amazing time and the wedding will be even more meaningful this way.
I'm so happy for you!!

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