Dance Me To The Wedding Now, Dance Me On and On

Well, it's confirmed. The hotel has sent me a contract to sign and Mark and I are about to mail off our non-refundable deposit. Our date is set for October 11th, so unless the hotel screws something up and has overbooked for that date, we'll be happily married that Saturday. I kind of won't believe it until they've received my money and confirm that it's all set, but that's just my overly nervous nature talking and my pessimism shining through.

Plans have changed a billion times it seems, but it looks like we'll be doing it at a function room at a hotel instead of doing our backyard wedding. Time wise and for personal family reasons we just cannot do it at my parents house any more. We've booked it as a basic party (booking as a wedding is ridiculously expensive), and will invite family only and a very scant number of friends. Small, simple, and casual. Weather permitting we'll have our quickie ceremony in a park within walking distance of our apartment. There's a small cluster of maple trees that form a circle at the bottom of a nice hill, and it's a perfect spot for a casual ceremony. No chairs or anything, it will be simple. From there we'll head to the hotel for a night of dinner and dancing. No traditional wedding hooplah such as the first dance or cake cutting or tossing the bouquet, or anything like that. Just a nice big party with a classic rock/country band (his father is the drummer and they've offered to play for free). No photographers, no DJ, nothing wedding-like. I'm very, very excited. I prefer the nice casual party anyhow. Weddings are great, and if I had more money maybe I'd go more traditional, but since we don't this option seemed to be the one we both enjoyed the most.

My only wish was that people didn't have such a strong opinion of the right and wrong way to do things, and that people didn't have to be so negative about what should be the happiest, most important day in my life thus far. It seems like no matter what we have suggested, what we have planned to do, there's always someone standing there telling me that it's too soon, or too far away, or not good enough, or not unique enough, or whatever the case may be. It's starting to wear on me. I'm trying to just let it go.

This is the template for my invitations and they're about half completed so far. I had previously posted some designs I played around with and this was the winner. The difference is that the ones I'm actually going to be sending out will have a decorative background paper, and a solid stipe across the center with the hearts on either side of the stamped wedding dress image. Instead of "dream" I have chosen a stamp that says "all you need is love" in a nice cursive writing. Simple and fun. I'll post photos when they're completed. The details about the date and time and all of that will be printed from the computer on some white linen paper in a nice cursive or decorative font, and then placed inside. Total cost for all of this will be well under $20 plus postage. I may even be able to do the RSVP cards and place cards within that same budget. There's a chance I may need to pick up some more cardstock but I've been buying 12x12 sheets on sale for 16 cents each, so I'm not concerned that it's going to cost much more. And I'm using less than I thought I would, so I may not have to buy any at all.

Since flowers are not in our small budget, I've made myself a nice silk bouquet of burnt orange calla lilies for about $10. The 4th of July sale was great at Joann's, and I'm glad I thought to stop in there over the weekend because otherwise I would not have gotten as many flowers as I did for such a steal. We'll do some sort of handmade centerpiece / decoration for very inexpensively as well, if at all (it's the least important part of our budget and if we run out of money, so be it). Favors will likely be in the form of a candy bar, where people can take either decorated boxes or bags that I make and fill them up with a selection of old fashioned candies. This is not yet decided, but it's the idea Mark likes the best. I'm hopefully buying my dress this weekend, but photos obviously can't be posted because I don't want to ruin the surprise for Mark. It looks like things are moving smoothly though. We're very excited.


Deneen said...
Tuesday, 08 July, 2008

Do what feels good for you. My cousin lectured me about not buying a gown "your one day to be a princess, how could you not do this?"-I bought a dress, regular dress. My cousin is on her third marriage-she musta liked being a princess :).

We did things our way and were happy.

Zuleika said...
Tuesday, 08 July, 2008

Congratulations! I'm so glad things are going smoothly with the wedding plans.
I don't blame you for being slightly pessimistic, then if something goes wrong, you won't be overly upset about it. I think all will be fine though. :-)

Try not to worry too much about what other people say, it's your wedding after all, not theirs. They probably think they're helping you, when it's just the opposite.

Holly said...
Tuesday, 08 July, 2008

I just realized something ~ getting married prepares you for having kids!! You think people have opinions about your life and choices NOW, just wait! :o)

Everything you've described about your wedding sounds perfect. And I bet anything that all your guests will leave saying that it's the best wedding they've ever been to!

Darcie said...
Wednesday, 09 July, 2008

I think that your plans sound very! And oh-so memorable.

I don't recall half of the details from most of the weddings I've attended...even -- sadly enough -- my own. But one wedding sticks in my mind...and that was one that was different from all of the rest. So carry on...and enjoy the process!

Lola said...
Sunday, 13 July, 2008

trying to catch up but i just wanted to say that no matter what kind of wedding you plan, SOMEONE will have a comment to make. just remember this is about the two of you. if someone doesn't like what you have planned, they don't need to be there.

as far as centerpieces, check things out online b/c i remember finding some good deals on bulk items!

Andy's Crafts said...
Friday, 18 July, 2008

OMG My April is getting married, the invitation looks so cool. it is very creative and clever. May you know Happiness forever!

Stacey said...
Tuesday, 23 September, 2008

I just found you b/c I'm engaged and I was googling "unique cool wedding invitation"

You rock my world. Seriously.

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