How About an Update?

It's been quite a while since I've posted some photos or even really talked much about crochet, hasn't it? Or posted an update at all? Well, let's rectify that, shall we?

I haven't been doing very much crocheting lately, due to my back being sore. What I thought was just stress and tension that started in May is actually a more serious problem, unfortunately. I have muscle spasms and knots from the base of my skull to well below my rib cage on the left side of my back, which have started to pinch the nerves and make my left arm have numbness and tingling. Not very fun. My best guess is that it started when we got our tax rebate in May and we bought new living room furniture, and I spent half the month moving the couch and chair all over the very small living room trying to find an arrangement that wasn't too crowded. I remember being sore all the time thereafter, and I know that was around the time I started to have tension headaches. If physical therapy doesn't do the trick, I think they're going to send me for an MRI just to be sure there's no disc issues. Mostly I think it's muscle spasms and just really nasty knots and strains. I have some pain medication to help me get comfortable when I sleep, and I have a silly looking heating pad that actually velcros around my back, so I should be on the mend soon. PT starts Monday and I think once they beat on those muscles things will get quite a bit better. :)

So, this past weekend I was thrilled when I discovered that lounging on the chaise on the couch with a heating pad beneath my back is a great position to be in for crocheting. Towards the end my left arm was a bit sore, but mostly it worked out wonderfully. I had 2 skeins of Noro (oh beautiful Noro!) that I had planned to make a hat with for this coming winter. After making the hat (coming up next), I had enough left to make myself a scarflette to match. So, my winter set is all ready. I'm not wishing for snow yet, but I'll be excited to wear my new stuff when it does get cold. I haven't blocked these yet, so bear with the curled edges. The second photo is mostly just to show the color shading. Isn't it gorgeous?

A while back I saw this book at Barnes N Noble. To my surprise, it had 10 or 12 hats that I would actually enjoy making and wearing, and for a $10 or so book I couldn't pass it up. You can see all the sticky tabs marking the hats I want to make. I think there are a lot of great gifts in here, and quite a few I'll end up making for myself. It was a really great find, and I'm glad I bought it.
So, the hat I wanted to make was a "Helmet" hat. Very simple and I love it. I liked that it was worked into the rounds, unlike a lot of earflap patterns that have you attach them after the fact. I thought the striping in the Noro was perfect for this pattern, and I'm glad I did not substitute the yarn. I did my earflaps just slightly larger than the pattern called for, and I also went up a hook size, because I like my hats roomy. It actually fits perfectly, so I think the mystery is solved---I think I do crochet tightly.

Now for wedding favors:
I have started to remove some silk gerber daisies and leaves from their stems. The plan is to attach them with hot glue to small white favor boxes, and put some sort of candy inside the boxes. These are not put together, but I laid them out to show you basically how they'll look once I get around to doing them. I think they'll be lovely. I have red and orange flowers, and I'll probably alternate between the two, so the tables show one red, then one orange, etc. at each place setting.
Any ideas for gifts for our parents? I'm at a loss for this one. I would love to do something special (and sadly inexpensive) for them as a thank you for their support.

And lastly, Sara bought me some Kauni at a new LYS that opened up about 10 miles from us in our home town (Hooray!). It's gorgeous 100% wool. Perhaps German? I couldn't tell from the label, but there is no English on there, that's for sure. I haven't looked it up yet either. I apologize for the photo being so dark. On my home computer it looks fine but here at work I can't even make out the yarn. Maybe I'll need to rephotograph it. Anyhow, it's a lovely deep red and if you can see, I've started working on my shawl for the wedding. I'll make a matching handbag too. Small and felted. It matches the gerbera daisies wonderfully. I'm very much in love! It's fingering weight though which I have never worked with. It does NOT ease my need for instant gratification, and it will not be an overnight project. But, I'll work on it and hopefully finish the shawl in time for the wedding. Thank you Sara!

That's all for my long update. Hope you're all doing well, and I'll talk with you soon.


Deneen said...
Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Beautiful FO's and I like the favors.

The 170 gram ball of Kauni yarn has 748 yards-did this help?

Alexis said...
Thursday, 24 July, 2008

I love the hat and scarflette! They're beautiful.

I've been wanting the "Crocheted Hats" book for a while, but the Amazon reviews say that there are a lot of errors in the patterns, so I've been reluctant to buy it. :-/ The one I most want to make is the one that's made out of Lion Incredible.

Zuleika said...
Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Love the hat and scarf! Kauni is definitely on my to-get list. *drool*
I hope your back feels better soon. :-)

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