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I've opened a new Etsy Store!

Unlike my first love, my first Etsy store that I started with my BFF Sara Abbott, this is a solo venture. Sara and I don't pay ourselves any of our MABS Crochet profits, we mostly use the money for things that we want/need for our business...i.e. nicer yarns, business cards, classes (eventually), a swift and winder (eventually), craft fair displays that my father is building for us, etc. So, while it's been self-sustaining and we're not losing money or using our own money, we're not profitable yet to pay ourselves any monies. So, as a second job it's not cutting it. That's why I've decided to open For the Love of Marley. The store is completely empty at the moment, but I plan to rectify that very shortly.

For the Love of Marley will be a place for me to sell the other crafty items that I make, and use all profits to help fund the monthly medication and vet bills for my chronically ill kitty. Bet you didn't know I had a life aside from crochet, did you? Well, I do. I was re-inspired while making my wedding invitations to get back into some other crafts that I'm very fond of. I am very fond of binding books and journals by hand (making the covers themselves is so very fun). I love making my own paper by hand, though I'm not sure our apartment has the space I need to do that. I also have an enormous stash of dried, pressed flowers that I love turning into greeting cards and collages. I love altered art, so collaging on any free surface is so much fun for me (and you can get a small glimpse of my altered bookcase in this photo). I love rubber stamping and making very simple greeting cards and gift tags. So, I figured since I'm really hot in the seat to make these things now that I've caught the crafty bug from making those wedding invites, what better what to go about it?

I have 6 or so sets of gift tags and 8 floral collages to list, but I won't get to it for another week or two. I'll let y'all know when the store is up and running, so you can give me some always appreciated feedback.


Anonymous said...
Wednesday, 06 August, 2008


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Andy's Crafts said...
Friday, 08 August, 2008

Congratulations! Itis always nice to make money onthe thing youlike to do!

Zuleika said...
Friday, 08 August, 2008

That's great! Good luck with the new store! :-)

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