I'm So Busy Part 1

For the Love of Marley is completely up and running. I think I've added 75 or so new items for sale. I haven't had my first official sale yet, but when I think about MABS Crochet in the beginning, we didn't have many sales for the first month or two. I think people are hesitant to purchase from sellers without a lot of feedback on Etsy. So, I'm patiently waiting. In the meantime, here are a few of the items I'm selling:

Sets of gift tags. This is a set of 10 for $3.00. Great everyday gift tags. I have several types at the moment, and will be adding many, many more soon, including Holiday tags. The Holiday season is quickly approaching, afterall.

I have a handful of basic blank greeting cards with a variety of sentiments. More to be added soon.

These floral collages are so fun to make, and I think they make wonderful little gifts. I have several of them that I've made over the years throughout my home, and throughout my family's homes.

Finally, there are several wedding cards. These would be great, I think, as basic wedding greeting cards, or cards for bridal showers. They're blank inside. If you recall, these are actual leftovers from my own wedding invitations.

Do take a peek! There's a lot for everyone. And coming soon, I will have thank you cards and tags specifically for Etsy sellers, and for cheap, too. I tend to revisit the sellers who impress me with their packaging, and what better way to do that than by adding a personal touch like a small card or thank you tag?


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