I'm So Busy Part 2

The adventures in stash diving continue.

Last year, Sara and I participated in Derryfest. It's a little day long festival put on by our quaint hometown. We ended up selling some of our crocheted items. It's not a huge seller though. Not like a craft fair or anything where people go to actually make purhcases. Here, people just sort of hang out. And some do make purchases, but as a whole it's not a vendor fair. Well, we decided to do it again this year. And we decided we would do other craft fairs, since our Etsy store is so successful. (Yes, I'm insane with 2 Etsy stores and a 50 hour a week job, and craft fairs coming up. Oh, and that whole wedding thing!)

Well, my father built us some craft fair displays. We have table top displays that are multi-leveled. We have a 3 part folding "screen" made of pegboard that we can hang billions of items from. We have Beth, our bodyform. We have Beth's head, shown below. We have hat stands. Etc. etc. etc. We should look pretty damn professional this year. Can't wait to show photos of how it all comes together. Don't have any yet, but I will over the next few weeks.

We have spent months trying to both use up our acrylic stash, and create a huge winter inventory for the upcoming fairs. Derryfest is on the 20th, so we're getting close. Most people, we've learned, at craft fairs don't want to spend big bucks, so we've found the most success with cheaper yarns that equal cheaper end products. So, the less expensive we can go, the better. Etsy is another story. We don't have a hard time selling more expensive items online. Craft fairs are tough though for that sort of thing.

Somehow though, with all the craziness of the upcoming fairs, we have been inundated with custom orders for hats. Slouchy hats, newsboys, cloches. It's insane. I think we've had 5 in about 10 days, and we have 2 or 3 more custom hats people have inquired about on Etsy, that we're waiting to hear back from. It's crazy. Unfortunately I don't have all of them done yet, and I don't have photos of them all yet. But here's a quick glimpse of my most recent stash diving efforts.

Sara has a pretty large inventory of Earflap hats as well, but not all of them have been listed on Etsy yet.

I won't bother to horrify you with my crochet goals before our huge holiday fair mid-November. But right now, in the next 17 days before Derryfest my goals are as follows:
2-3 scarves
5 little boy hats (3-10 year old sizes)
5 little girl hats
5 mens hats
2-3 pairs of baby booties at least
Tons of face scrubbies
Will I get much sleep? Ummm....no. Not really. Will I somehow masochistically love it? Yep. Indeed I will.


Zuleika said...
Thursday, 11 September, 2008

Wow you have been busy!! Glad to hear things are going good. :-) I really love that scarf!

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