Wedding Bolero

I tried my shrug on with my wedding dress (see previous post). It was gorgeous. Love the Kauni, love the colors. Looked great with the dress. Except for one small detail. The back needed to be longer by about 3 inches. So I stopped at the LYS on my way home to see if I could find some more Kauni and of course, sold out. None left. I didn't have enough to finish it. So, I wandered around the store, shrug in hand, trying to find another yarn that exactly matched the darkest stripe in my Kauni shrug. I was able to find Big Baby, by Alpaca with a Twist. Pricey for 82 yards ($15) and I needed four skeins. More than I usually spend on yarn. Anyhow, I made a little bolero. I shortened up the sleeves from the previous design, elongated the back, and added a shell stitch border around the entire piece.

I'll try both on the day of the wedding with my dress and decide which one looks best.

10 days now.

Beth, our mannequin, is quite a bit thinner than I am. The bolero hugs my body whereas it doesn't hug hers.


Darcie said...
Wednesday, 01 October, 2008

A girl can never have too many boleros or shrugs, right?! Glad you treated yourself to a little yarn pleasure. You're saving so much with all of your wedding really deserve a little something for your efforts. ;-)

I love the detail of your edging on the bolero! Very exquisite! Feminine. Wedding-inspired. ;-)

Zuleika said...
Thursday, 02 October, 2008

Very pretty! Good thing you found something to use, that could have been a disaster! Time has flown by so quickly. Nervous yet!? ;-)

Becoming Jane said...
Thursday, 02 October, 2008

Love it! Do you ever make any with that trumpet sleeve?

Kim said...
Thursday, 02 October, 2008

The color is fabulous!

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