15 Weeks

My husband cannot operate my camera to save his life, so I had to turn off the flash and take my picture in the mirror. I apologize for the terrible quality.

Technically I'm 16 weeks as of today, but I seem to be a week behind on uploading photos.

At 14w4d I felt the first flutters of movement. Very obvious what it was. Like a gas bubble traveling upward instead of down. Sort of rolled up my insides. Very strange. I felt it again at 15w1d, twice. Nothing since though. Which is normal. The baby is so small that depending on where it is in my uterus I may or may not feel its movements consistently for a few more weeks.

I'm also completely in maternity clothes. Most of my non-maternity shirts, even the ones I thought were on the long side, are practically belly shirts now. I'm wearing one stinking pair of jeans everyday (doing lots of laundry lately) until Friday when I pick up 2 more pairs of pants from the tailor. Try finding maternity pants in short sizes. Ha. Good luck there. I thought it was difficult to find normal pants in the right length for my short size...try finding fat pants that short! I ordered 2 more pairs and they should hopefully arrive before the weekend (knock on wood). I wasn't too keen on buying a new wardrobe but...what can you do? I can't go to work in my bathrobe now, can I? (Though that would be nice)

Second trimester is treating me fairly well. I'm not tired at all anymore. I have my moments but mostly I feel back to normal in the engery department. I'm not eating as much. My MIL says its because my organs are starting to get squished into my stomach. This seems highly plausible to me as all of a sudden I eat about 3 bites and feel full. That wasn't happening until I "popped" around 14 weeks. I feel shaky frequently from low glucose. My OB says this too is normal in the 2nd tri and to just make sure I eat a little something every 2 hours even if I'm not hungry. If I eat a cracker with some peanut butter that seems to do the trick. My only real complaint is sciatica. My butt, tailbone, lower back and the backside of my hips ache all the time. Sitting is the worst, I cannot seem to do it comfortably. I talked to my former physical therapist and he suggested purchasing one of those Yoga balls and sitting on those. He gave me some butt and pelvis exercises that should help. But mostly, he said it's probably here to stay until the baby is born. Walking aggravates it too, which is very annoying. I'm really hoping this eases up a bit. It's been my only complaint so far though so all things considered, that's really not bad at all.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Week 16
How Big is the Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant? Your baby is even larger by pregnancy week 16, between 4.3 and a little over 4 ½ inches long, and probably weighs close to 3 ounces.

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Your baby is planning on doing some major growing in the next few weeks. By pregnancy 16 weeks she'll be able to hold her head slightly straighter, and her eyes are finally moving into their final position in the front of the head. The ears are doing the same, and now your baby is focusing her attention on complicated circulatory matters. Your baby's heart is pumping 25 quarts of blood every day, not bad for someone smaller than a grapefruit!

Your baby is also starting to grow hair and will continue to do so as you
continue your pregnancy week by week. You won't be able to tell what color hair your baby has until after birth, and even then your baby's hair may fall out and change colors completely at least once during the first few months of life! The same is true of our baby's eye color. Some baby's are born with blue eyes that gradually turn darker during the first couple of months of life!

By pregnancy week 16 the umbilical cord is now firmly attached to your baby's belly as well, providing numerous nutrients to your little one. At this point in time your baby's legs are starting to grow longer than the arms!

Your Growth and Development
You should no longer have a discernable waist by pregnancy 16 weeks. Don't fret; it will come back some day. Most women revel in their blossoming roundness. While you are not huge by any stretch of the imagination, you are starting to look more and more pregnant each and every day. By now you might consider shopping for some maternity clothes, though you may not be able to fill them out for a few more weeks. Some stores offer maternity clothes in varying sizes that can accommodate second vs. third trimester babies.

Your maternity size will generally correspond with the size you were before you got pregnant, provided you have not gained an unusual amount of weight.

Changes in You
Perhaps the most exciting part of pregnancy is feeling your baby move. You might be able to discern tiny movements by pregnancy week 16. Many women have described this feeling as akin to butterflies fluttering away in the stomach at 16 weeks pregnant though some will feel this sooner. At first you might dismiss this feeling as gas, but watch out, your baby is actually swimming up a storm!

Even at 16 weeks pregnant not all women will feel their baby's movement, so don't panic if you don't recognize your baby's movements during pregnancy at 16 weeks. It may take a few more weeks before you feel the first fluttering of your baby. If this is not your first baby, you are more likely to feel movement early on in the pregnancy.


Deneen said...
Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

I recall buying clothing at a aternity shop, "Motherhood" I think it was called, it closed down locally here and they sold pants for "petites". I didn't go crazy, had one or two "good outfits" and the rest casual.

You look adorable and I am thrilled for you

Darcie said...
Thursday, 18 December, 2008

You look wonderful! Thumbs up to you for keeping up with the photo taking!

Enjoy your little "flutterby." ;-)

Zuleika said...
Tuesday, 23 December, 2008

Awww what a cute baby belly! Amazing how you can have something so precious growing inside of you huh? :-)

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