Check out this HUGE Contest

My friend is doing a really cool Christmas Blog Promotion right now. Enter to win, but you need to check it every day for the next 12 days starting sometime today. Don't miss it!

Susan writes,
"12 Days of Christmas Blog Giveaway...Starting tomorrow, I am going to host a 12 days of Christmas Blog Giveaway. Meaning, tomorrow is the first day, and then we will go out for 12 more days....the cool thing is, the person that wins the giveaway tomorrow, will one Day One's prize. The person that wins on Saturday wins Day One and Day Two's Prize...and so on. So, you really want to try to win the 12th Day and get ALL OF THE PRIZES. HOWEVER, Here is the catch. You must participate each day to be included in the 12th Day! So, no late birds coming in. BTW, the prizes get bigger and will remain a secret until they are unveiled on that day. So, mark the blog as a follower, tell your friends. Total prize value of the 12th day will be at least $120 of items. Oh, and one more CAN win more than one day. So be diligent."

Good luck!


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