2009 Here I Come

I've been doing a lot of reflecting on years past lately.

2006 was a very difficult year for me, emotionally, until I moved in with Mark in October 06.

Followed by a slightly better 2007 emotionally speaking, but Mark was hit with $30,000 in medical debts. We were a team by then, so it not only affected his finances, but it greatly affected mine. It was very rough for a while there, living hand to mouth all the time and running up large credit card bills so we could eat. Marley's vet bills were astronomical that year as well.

2008 improved financially to a degree, but we still spent thousands on our silly cat in the first half of the year. It tapered off during the second half, though, and she seems to be doing well now (the vets trained us on how to adminster certain costly treatments at home to save money...and I'm talking about saving thousands of dollars here!).

There were some fantastic things that happened in 2008. In late 07 on Christmas Eve, Mark proposed to me. In October of 2008 we found out we were having a baby, and then got married about 10 days later. The year ended fantastically.

There was a lot of heartache in 07 and 08, dealing with family illness and uncertainty. The second half of 2008 brought wonderful news though, and I'm optimistic that the news will stay positive for years to come.

2006 and 2007 saw the resurrection of my old friend, crochet. 2008 saw the vast expansion of my skills, as well as the opening of my online store with Sara: MABS Crochet. Between Etsy and craft fairs we had a profitable year.

The second half of 2008 also saw a drastic decline in my crochet. It started off because I was too busy during the wedding planning. Then I was too tired in the first trimester. And now crocheting triggers an older back injury and causes neck soreness. Grrrr.

What will 2009 bring?

First and foremost, 2009 brings financial stability to a degree. We get out of debt this year. How wonderful is that?! We will add a baby to our family, which will diminish our financial stability to a degree, but I think we have things under control to handle it well and with ease.

2009 brings the rebirth of MABS Crochet. Out with the old, and in with the new. My focus even before becoming pregnant has been on stylish children's and baby hats. See this item for an example. I'm not really sure what it is about hats, or what it is about making stylish hats for the little ones, but I'm very drawn to it. And now that I'm having a baby, well I've got that weird nesting desire to make baby items. Sara plans to switch her focus as well to gloves, fingerless gloves, and mittens, among other things. We hope to quickly reach our 100th Etsy sale, which we are not far from.

2009 also begs the question: Where is the Crochet??

Hopefully lots of crocheting is right around the corner. I've put the hook down for almost 6 months now, and I really miss my old friend. Stay tuned to see what the hook and I come up with in the coming year.


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