Naturally Caron Yarn

I've never been fond of Caron yarns. Not sure why, but if I needed some acrylic for a ghan or what have you, I'd reach for RH Soft long before anything by Caron.

Well, the other night Mark was in Best Buy for what seemed like ages, so I walked next door to AC Moore to look for some yarn. I wasn't really sure what I wanted and was walking the aisles looking more at colors than anything. Caron's new line of yarns (or maybe not so new, it's been ages since I've been to a craft store) caught my eye. So I picked up two skeins of the new Naturally Caron. One was Spa, which is a bamboo/acrylic blend, and the second was Country, which is a wool/acrylic blend.

I'm making a winter hat using both the Spa and County. My only complaint was the lack of color selection, as I would probably have prefered to choose either Spa or Country instead of both. But, the two colors I picked to go together look great and the hat is very soft. I'll post pics when I'm finished with it. The hat is extremely soft and squishy. Very nice.


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