It looks like I will be out of a job before the baby is born. It's 99% certain at this point. This economy is killing our buisness.

For now I'm hopefully, gainfully employed until the end of April, but only on a part time basis. I'm not sure if there will be a severance package or anything to carry me through for a while. I'm guessing no? But I could be wrong.

To say I'm freaking out is an understatement.

I have terribly neglected the Etsy shop since my wedding 6 months ago. I've decided to go off on my own, so MABS will be dissolved very shortly. I'm going to try to devote some good time and energy to the new shop in the hopes that it helps pay a few bills. Look for a grand opening around April 15th. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise things are good. 11 weeks to go as of today. I can't believe how close it is. The gallbladder thing is terribly painful and I think next week when I have my next appointment (I start twice monthly next week) we'll find that I have either not gained anything, or maybe lost a pound in the last month. I'm up 35 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy though so I don't think they'll be concerned yet as long as the baby is growing. And let me tell you, she is. Her strength and size is becoming more evident with how much she beats on me! She's a very active little one, that's for sure. But aside from the gallbladder thing, I've been feeling pretty good actually. A little tired and more slow than I was even just a month ago, but I guess at almost 7 months pregnant that's just normal stuff.

More soon. Hopefully Fairpoint will get their shit together and install our DSL at home one of these days?!

Hallelujah Meets Woah-is-Me

Remember those nasty stomach issues I had for an entire year before getting pregnant? They seemed to disappear when I was around 2 months pregnant, thankfully. I've been eating a normal diet since then with no pain. They could never diagnose it for sure. Every doc would say "Sounds like gallbladder," but then the tests would come back negative. I was very discouraged for a very long while.

Around mid-February I started having pain under my right rib cage. I thought I was just a wus and a huge baby and couldn't hack being pregnant. One more complaint I have about pregnancy. I assumed it was normal organ squishing that happens and blamed my short torso for the discomfort, and felt silly for being so delicate.

Well, I mentioned it a week ago at my last prenantal appt. and they ordered an upper abdominal ultrasound at the hospital just to check to make sure my liver was ok. They just called with my results.

And holy friggen crap, I have gallbladder polyps!!!

I guess they can be hard to detect, and I guess the people who have symtoms from their polyps tend to have the same symptoms as people with gallstones and gallbladder disease, just with no stones or evidence of disease. Could this explain my classic gallbladder symptoms pre-pregnancy, and the constant negative test results?

So off I go to the GI again. I am hoping she just throws her hands up in the air and finally says yes, let's take that gallbladder out because obviously it's a source of pain and discomfort for me.

The woah-is-me part? I obviously won't be having surgery anytime soon. I'm certain they wouldn't do it during pregnancy simply for pain, my liver enzymes would have to be affected, or I'd have to be losing weight, or something more drastic than that.

At least I just got myself an accidental diagnosis.

Now, if only it didn't feel like some stabbed me in the ribcage with a hot knife. :-/

No Internet, So No Pictures...

I'd love to post some pictures but I can't, on account of having no stinking internet at home. Can I just say I really hate Fairpoint??

After absolutely no substantial crocheting since about October, I finally finished a few projects this weekend. I made a BICO sweater for Zoey (I would make 200 of these if I had the time, they're so adorable and quick) and a matching newsboy hat out of Cascade Peruvian Highland Wool bulky. The main color was an eggplant purple, and I accented it with green stripes. Totally adorable. I also finally wove in the ends of a purple and slate gray beanie I made for her a while back. And I started on this cute little bunny. I'm using cotton though (plain old SnC), not Velvet Spun because I think it's something she'll end up gnawing on. I'm using the neopolitan looking colorway, though I forget it's actual name. I'm also not following the pattern exactly because I didn't like how it was working up in cotton, so I'm modifying it slightly. I'll follow the pattern for the paws and head though, when I get there, and try to keep the body the same size.

I have quite a few hats I want to make her, as this mama is obsessed with hats. I told Mark she'll be the coolest baby on the block if I have the time to make her all the cute hats I plan to make. I also want to make her a handful of stuffed animals. My grandmother made me a few when I was little--I have a crocheted smurfette that I loved--and I want to make some for Zoey too.

If I ever get internet again I'll post pictures. *rolleyes*

Quick Update

We moved to a larger apt. this weekend and don't have internet or phone for the next few weeks (very long story). I won't be around as much as usual (which isn't much on a good day). Our goal of buying our first house this summer got pushed back one year until we see how having a baby will affect us financially.

My due date is 3 months from today, and it's the start of the third trimester. Time is really flying, I can't believe how fast it's gone.

I'm starting to notice that some symptoms are relieved, whereas new ones are popping up. In the last week I noticed I don't get up every 45 to 60 minutes to pee all night long anymore. I've been carrying pretty low, and it seems as though the baby has moved up just a smidge and is no longer laying on my bladder. My sciatic nerve pain from it being pinched is a teeny bit better, too, which is awesome. But with that upward movement I've noticed some minor heartburn, but nothing terrible just yet. I'm also noticing rib pain. And I can take even less of a deep breath as my lungs are getting squashed. It's all so bizarre! Nothing is too terrible yet, and knock on wood maybe it won't be, but for a firs time mom it's certainly new and strange and uncomfortable.

Mark is going through another bout of nasty kidney stones and they're not passing. Just rattling around in there causing him pain. I hope they pass soon. He has another urology appt. this week to check on them again and see if they're still high in the kidneys. Hopefully they've made some progress. He's very uncomfortable.

I think that's about all. I will update more when I can, and post pics of the new place, which is awesome. The extra space is just what we need with a baby on the way.

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