No Internet, So No Pictures...

I'd love to post some pictures but I can't, on account of having no stinking internet at home. Can I just say I really hate Fairpoint??

After absolutely no substantial crocheting since about October, I finally finished a few projects this weekend. I made a BICO sweater for Zoey (I would make 200 of these if I had the time, they're so adorable and quick) and a matching newsboy hat out of Cascade Peruvian Highland Wool bulky. The main color was an eggplant purple, and I accented it with green stripes. Totally adorable. I also finally wove in the ends of a purple and slate gray beanie I made for her a while back. And I started on this cute little bunny. I'm using cotton though (plain old SnC), not Velvet Spun because I think it's something she'll end up gnawing on. I'm using the neopolitan looking colorway, though I forget it's actual name. I'm also not following the pattern exactly because I didn't like how it was working up in cotton, so I'm modifying it slightly. I'll follow the pattern for the paws and head though, when I get there, and try to keep the body the same size.

I have quite a few hats I want to make her, as this mama is obsessed with hats. I told Mark she'll be the coolest baby on the block if I have the time to make her all the cute hats I plan to make. I also want to make her a handful of stuffed animals. My grandmother made me a few when I was little--I have a crocheted smurfette that I loved--and I want to make some for Zoey too.

If I ever get internet again I'll post pictures. *rolleyes*


Darcie said...
Monday, 09 March, 2009

It's great to hear that you've got your crocheting mojo back again, April! Can't wait to see pics!

Congratulations on the move, too!

Take good care! ;-) Mommy hugs....

Zu said...
Tuesday, 10 March, 2009

Can't wait to see all you've made! Zoey is going to be the best dressed kid in the neighborhood. :-)

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