It looks like I will be out of a job before the baby is born. It's 99% certain at this point. This economy is killing our buisness.

For now I'm hopefully, gainfully employed until the end of April, but only on a part time basis. I'm not sure if there will be a severance package or anything to carry me through for a while. I'm guessing no? But I could be wrong.

To say I'm freaking out is an understatement.

I have terribly neglected the Etsy shop since my wedding 6 months ago. I've decided to go off on my own, so MABS will be dissolved very shortly. I'm going to try to devote some good time and energy to the new shop in the hopes that it helps pay a few bills. Look for a grand opening around April 15th. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise things are good. 11 weeks to go as of today. I can't believe how close it is. The gallbladder thing is terribly painful and I think next week when I have my next appointment (I start twice monthly next week) we'll find that I have either not gained anything, or maybe lost a pound in the last month. I'm up 35 pounds from the beginning of the pregnancy though so I don't think they'll be concerned yet as long as the baby is growing. And let me tell you, she is. Her strength and size is becoming more evident with how much she beats on me! She's a very active little one, that's for sure. But aside from the gallbladder thing, I've been feeling pretty good actually. A little tired and more slow than I was even just a month ago, but I guess at almost 7 months pregnant that's just normal stuff.

More soon. Hopefully Fairpoint will get their shit together and install our DSL at home one of these days?!


Zu said...
Tuesday, 17 March, 2009

So sorry to hear about the impending job loss. Seems like everywhere I turn someone is losing their job! I'm sure things will get better for you though.
11 weeks left already!? You're almost ready to pop! lol

Bron said...
Saturday, 21 March, 2009

Losing your job right now sucks! But - good new re: the gallbladder thing (at least you can get it fixed post-baby!) AND the next weeks until the baby will whiz by.

It'll all work out.

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