Holy Cow!

I'm a month away from my due date!

Things here are going well. Kidney stones are a drag but they could be worse.

Still no internet at home. At this point I wonder if we'll ever get it fixed.

Still working part time. Thankful to have a job, don't know if/how long it will last, but it's still here.

Mostly, I'm just shocked that I'm a month away from my due date. I'll see if I can get a picture soon and upload it from work. I'm as big as a house!

Sorry I have neglected other blogs. No internet at home, and at work I've gone from 50 down to 30 hours and I'm just swamped here all the time. I hope to check in soon.


Becki said...
Saturday, 02 May, 2009

Glad to hear you are well, I was going to call you this weekend if I hadn't heard an update LOL.

Congrats on only being a month away!

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