i love this baby

We're Home!

Sorry for the delay. Things are great. So, so tired though. I'm not napping and only sleeping 3 to 5 hours per night. I know, sleep when the baby sleeps. Easier said than done. She's cluster feeding right now and nursing on the hour every hour during the day and then every 2-3 overnight. I can't do much but nurse. The good news? This shall pass. We're doing very well and are all very happy. Her Daddy is in love.
More later.


Wednesday at 9:30 am we're being admitted to have a baby. I'm nervous and excited. Wish us luck!

Stick a Fork in Me!

Yep, still pregnant. I'm only 4 days late at this point. But starting to feel quite frustrated and overly pregnant. I think in the last week my body has begun to deteriorate. It's frustrating.

I'm 3cm and 80% (unless I've progressed more) for almost a week now. The doctor swept my membranes on Wednesday and told me she'd see me Thursday for delivery. Um, nope.

I'm tired and irritable.

It looks like I'll be induced mid next week. I really want to avoid induction. I don't want to labor hooked up to an IV and tied down to a bed. Just not what I envisioned. But it's not looking promising. We'll see. I think they'll do another sweep on Monday to see if that works.

Send some serious labor vibes my way. There's nothing here but false labor. Lots and lots of false labor for the last week. At this point I probably won't even recognize actual labor when it begins because I am one walking contraction at this point.

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